Pastor Jason Windsor

jason personalJason Windsor
Pastor of Youth

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What is your birthday?
August 22nd, 1977


Where were you born?
Annapolis, Maryland


What do you love most about working for Community?
The middle and high school students!


Who is the most influential person in your life?
My wife, Erin.


What inspires you?
A good movie in which someone works, perseveres, and succeeds against seemingly insurmountable odds.


Any hidden talents?
None that I know of... they must be hidden well.


What is a life long goal for you?
Continuing to chase God and be a better husband, father, and servant.


What is a little known fact about you?
I was in a punk band when I was a teenager; we made a very cheesy video that is somewhere out there. I hope it never resurfaces!


Favorite book (other than the Bible)?
Catching Fire, Speak, 1984


Favorite restaurant?


Favorite junk food?
Ice Cream


Favorite childhood memory?
I tried to surf my tube down the final decline of a tube ride and fell face first into the slide, cracking my front tooth in half. By some miracle, I caught the tooth in my right hand. I handed my aunt, who was "watching me" while my parents were out of town, the half-tooth; and she looked at me quizzically. I smiled, revealing my fractured tooth; and she completely freaked out in from of everyone. It was hilarious.